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…or so I hope!

I have a trilogy underway that I am loving!

All Mrs. King’s Men Trilogy has been spread around the publishing world, just waiting for a little love. Cross your fingers.

In the meantime, here’s a little unedited snippet to get you excited:




“If you keep frowning like that, you’ll need Botox before you’re forty,” Aunt Victoria warned. “What’s happened?”

I shook my head slightly. The last thing I wanted was a lecture about how stupid it was to still care for Garrett. I couldn’t help that I hadn’t completely closed my heart off to the man. The desire to have a marriage like my parents had was stupid, I knew. I’d never have what I wanted. I knew that, too. And just in case I ever doubted it, Garrett was more than happy to casually mention one of his lovers to remind me. Or run off to put one “in her place” before we’d even had a chance to catch our breath after having sex.

But I did love him. And he loved me. In his own way. I just wished his way didn’t have to come with such a sharp knife.

“Oh, dear God, Mara. You let that man touch you again, didn’t you?”

I laughed softly. “Every now and then, I like being touched.”

“So f*ck the pool boy like everyone else.”

I darted my gaze across the table. “Aunt Victoria, please. It’s so jarring when you speak like that.”

“I’m sorry, darling. So f*ck the water recreation manager like everyone else.”

I shouldn’t encourage my aunt, but I tossed my head back as laughter burst from me. “You are impossible. And for your information, this isn’t about Garrett. Not exactly, anyway.”

“You’ve finally taken a lover.”

“No.” I looked back to the pool, making sure Adam wasn’t listening. “That damned dress I wore to the gala last night.”

“Is that what that was? I thought you lost a wrestling match with a pack of dental floss.”

I frowned at her. “Garrett bought that for me in Paris last year. He insisted I wear it even though I really didn’t want to. I gave in of course.”

“As you do.”

My scowl returned. She could at least try to be supportive. “He said he wanted to see me in the dress he bought me. Turns out, he wanted Albert Carter to see me in the dress he bought me. He used me—my body—to test his theory that the old man can’t think straight when faced with a pair of boobs.”

“He was right, I’m sure.”

I shuddered, remembering how Albert had looked at me. “I felt so dirty when I realized what Garrett was doing.”

“What was he doing?”

“Albert is rebuilding his business faster than we can expand ours. Garrett thinks if Albert has something else on his mind, it will give him the time he needs to get ahead on some deals.”

“He wants you to seduce Albert?”

“No. He said I don’t even have to flirt with him, just flaunt a little. Let him look.”

“Oh. Well, what’s the harm in that, darling?”

I swallowed. “The way Albert looks at me. Makes my skin crawl.”

She was silent for a few moments. “I see. But you’re a grown woman, Mara. You know how to handle yourself and any man who comes along. If you sense he’s getting out of hand, end the game. Tell Garrett. You know how possessive he is of you. You’re his property.”

I widened my eyes. “I am not.”

“Tell him that. He’ll never tolerate another man touching you.”

“Have you forgotten our arrangement?”

“Have you utilized your arrangement?”

I looked back to the pool as Adam broke the water and the instructor praised him.

Victoria snorted. “I didn’t think so. Listen to me. I’ve been there. You think someday he’ll get this out of his system, someday he’ll realize he can be happy with only you in his bed. And maybe someday he will. But until then, make your own damn happiness.”